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Hi from Michigan. Absolutely lovely pics, Amy! Thanks for posting them. They're an especially welcome sight given the hard winter we've had here.

Hope you feel 100% soon.

Amy J.

Good afternoon from New York- last year I went to the Brooklyn botanical gardens especially to see the sakura- admission wasn't cheap and we had to drive quite a way to get there. So I imagine it's lovely to have it nearby, where you can see on a day to day basis. By the way, I have a thing for taking pictures right before sunset- when the light has a golden hue. If you get a chance to retake a sakura tunnel picture- this could be quite lovely too!!!


I discovered this spring that there's a sakura in the front yard of our new house that we bought in the fall. We got snow about a week after the flowers bloomed, which was beautiful, but I forgot to take any pictures.


Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve listed you on Japan in Motion’s new “Blogs on Japan” site. This is a new project we’re trying out in the hopes of directing attention to Japan-oriented blogs that we especially like, written from a foreign perspective. They’ll include both well-known blogs and some that are flying under radar. If there are any Japan-based blogs you’ve enjoyed, or read regularly, maybe you could leave a comment and let us know. Thanks, and keep up the good work!


When I lived on Yokota Air Base, I was thrilled to see a "sakura tunnel" right on base. Gorgeous shots!

Ana Pires

We don't have any Sakura trees ("árvores de cerejeira") here in Portugal. They look beautiful. If I ever have the chance to visit Japan in the future, I'll be sure to do so in Spring. :)


AC, I guess you've had similar weather to Toronto, which was awful from what I hear. I hope you have a lovely spring!

Amy J., I guess I am lucky! You're right, the sakura look absolutely gorgeous in the late afternoon, but I didn't manage to see them at that time of day this year. Hopefully I'll get out more next year!

Vanessa, how lucky! I've never seen sakura and snow at the same time, but I can imagine how beautiful it would be. Take pictures next time!

Maethelwine, thank you! That's a great, there are so many Japan related blogs and a guide to the best of them is a good idea. I'm honoured to be included.

Janet, how lucky! Those tunnels are just lovely.

Ana Pires, do come here in the spring! My pictures don't do justice to how beautiful it is.

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